Open Access Week in Aggieland will take place October 19-25, 2015 as part of the worldwide Open Access celebration. The theme of this year's event is "The Libraries holds the key to Open Access publishing..." Find out more about our plans for Open Access Week.

Scholarly Communication Homepage


Our purpose...
To inform the Texas A&M research community about changes in scholarly publishing, copyright, and the benefits of open access to research. We can help you disseminate your work widely for greater impact while retaining rights to your research.

Our primary areas of education, support, and advocacy are:

  1. Copyright and fair use training
  2. Open Access Week
  3. OAK Fund (Texas A&M open access publishing fund)
  4. OAK Trust (Texas A&M Digital Repository)
  5. Publishing Electronic Journals and Electronic Conferences with the Texas Digital Library
  6. Digitally republishing Texas A&M scholarship, including retrospective dissertations, theses.